Experienced teachers dedicated to awakening hearts and minds, one person at a time.


Teaching Team

IOI is powered by a group of more than 35 volunteers. These volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization and are our greatest strength, enabling us to reach a large audience at minimal cost. We are committed to attracting teachers from diverse backgrounds. Our teachers are experienced meditators trainied in a variety of traditions, including Theravadin, Tibetan, and Zen Buddhism, MBSR, and 12-step groups.



Julie Arner

Alistair Bell

Uday Bhaskar

Fran Callahan

Bob Cheek

Lucas Ciapetta

Sally Colella

Margaret Cotter

Russell Evans

Catherine Flanagan

Carl Gieringer

Sharon Hainsfurther

J.T. Halbert

Piper Hendricks

Ikeita Cantu Hinojosa

Ronald Kamis

Lindsey Keck

Shah Khan

Peter Kovach

Laryssa Kundanmal

Carolyn Long

Charles Martin

David Novello

Danuta Otfinowski

Peter Parsons

Linda Popejoy

Scott Provinse

Julie Salverian

Brown Sharp II

Mark Stone

Sheryl Stratton

Carolyn Stachowski

Sheryl Stratton

Rachel Sutcliffe

Lynn Zuckerman


Leadership Team

We are committed to diversity and inclusivity in our selection of officers and board members. Our board consists of people with diverse backgrounds, with expertise in meditation teaching techniques and organizational development.


Mark Stone

Carolyn Stachowski
Vice President and Program Director

Ivan Dale

Sally Colella

Sheryl Stratton

Sheila Diggs

Trish Magyari

Satyani McPherson


Our sponsors


Insight Meditation Community of Washington