Insight on the Inside volunteers teach people who are incarcerated in District of Columbia Department of Correction, (DCDoC), Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF) and Montgomery County Pre-Release and Reentry Services (PRRS). We also have classes at the Men’s Transitional Rehabilitation Program on the grounds of Saint Elizabeths and Calvary Women’s services, providing residence and programs for substance abuse, and at Christ House, a 24- hour residential medical facility for homeless men.


We conduct a total 14 classes a week, three for women, ten for men and one mixed genders. Five classes are geared toward substance abuse treatment. The Pre-release center is a work release program. We have a class in DCDoC in the Young Men Emerging unit in DCDoC, an innovative programing unit geared to prevention and rehabilitation for men ages 18-25, and a deepening practice group in PRC, just to name a few classes of interest. In two of the classes, we include a yoga teaching, but all classes are conducted to include some mindful movement.